This sample menu reflects the care and effort that our experienced chefs take to make sure that our meals are carefully balanced and nutritionally dense. Naturally, our menus change regularly to ensure that the food is seasonal and exciting.


  • Fresh berry’s, coconut cream and sprouted buckwheat granola
  • blanched green beans, with soft rice, sweet potato, roasted seeds and pesto
  • Flour-less bread, avocado, sprouts, sauerkraut and rainbow salad
  • Millet bake with apples, dates, cinnamon and almonds , topped with sweet creamy sauce
  • Savoury pancakes, hummus, fresh greens, pickled vegetables and alfalfa

  • Aduki bean curry with sesame and rice tortilla chips + super-food salad
  • Chickpea and barley salad with caramelised onions + roasted and fresh vegetables
  • Split pea pakoras with butternut squash sauce on brown rice + dressed kale and sprouts
  • Sour Dough Focaccia bread with pea and broccoli green soup + multicoloured pressed salad 
  • Lentil roast and quinoa with Mediterranean herbs +  sweet and sour cabbage

The kitchen is temporarily closed